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G-Power gets 615 HP in the BMW M4 GTS

The point more high of the series 4 of BMW, speaking in terms of performance, is called BMW M4 GTS. It improves its dynamism in many aspects on a normal M4 and is approaching even more pure and almost reserved driving only for circuits.

The M4 GTS is also a unique car that price and, above all, by its limited number of units to only 700 units that are already all sold, is not accessible to anyone.

Series has the same 3-liter with supercharging and six cylinder engine online placed longitudinally, but its configuration is different with respect to an M4, both arriving up to 500 HP at full capacity.

G-Power offers several dynamic improvements at various levels. By reprogramming and adjustments in the switchboard of unit of the engine, the increase of its performance is quite acceptable: 575 horses and 740 Nm in total.


But the most fun part comes thanks to important amendments as they are, in addition to the ECU reprogramming, the modification of the supercharging system including two turbos and a new exhaust system that reduces the temperature of the gases outgoing therefore increasing the pressure of blowing system. Thus, the gain is nothing less than 115 horsepower compared with the model of series, i.e., a M4 GTS after passing through the hands of G-Power can yield 615 horses and 760 Nm.

With these power data, the M4 GTS modified by G-Power is capable of doing 0 to 100 in 3.6 seconds. In this section, the gain is not too large, since it only reduces the time in 2 tenths of a second, but the huge 760 Nm torque will improve its response to minimal overtone on the accelerator pedal. They have not provided us the time that it takes to cover, for example, the 80 to 120 km/h, but surely that in this type of acceleration gain is greater.

On the other hand, it also suppresses maximum speed limit, going 250 mph to the top speed 320 km/h. A real plane that flight satin!

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