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Garden City buses could arrive to Madrid

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The pollution and congestion that has the air of the main cities of the world is these days in all the television news. In Spain, Madrid and Barcelona are spread the news about the prohibitions for circular and Park in the centers of these cities. If we are going to others countries, as France, the situation is very similar in Paris and the area Center of the capital of the country.

When a city decides to close to the traffic the Center urban always is advised that the citizens take the transport public for move is and so decrease the pollution of the air. Buses become protagonists of the streets, and many of them are already driven by renewable energy or are even hybrid however still can contribute a bit more to reduce its ecological footprint measures such as that here.

A project of the Cotec Foundation and the city of Madrid proposes to install in urban buses small upper gardens. These gardens consist of small growing plants, which will help to neutralize the emissions emitted by these vehicles in its operation and clean passing the city’s air.

This program is called “Move green” and in addition to proposing the creation of gardens on the roofs of the buses also want to install green spaces in the bus shelters and stops where pick up passengers. For the implementation of this pilot project have chosen two of the lines that run through some of the most charismatic parts of Madrid and the 27 and 34.

The cost to implement this measure is estimated at about 2,500 euros per bus and about 1000 euros for each marquee. It remains to be seen how developed this measure from the City Council of the capital of Spain and how it is received by the citizens of the city.

Source-Fundación Cotec-Town Hall of Madrid

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