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General Motors gives filed the cause of the faulty cylinder

General Motors

It seems that they have spent thousands of years since it happened and that the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group has buried it in our memory but scandal of the defective General Motors bowler is still there. In 2014, was uncovered this curious case that we know that the American Group was aware that the Bowler’s start of many of their cars were defective and also which had caused several deaths by this.

Making memory can remember that them bowler could jump to the position ACC by a gesture badly given with the leg in the key, by a bump or even by blames of the weight of the keychain. If this occurred the car stopped in dry and was cut the current in the circuit of the vehicle doing to stay without security systems or airbags. Due to this failure, General Motors acknowledged that there were 13 people died but never his guilt, being accused of destroying evidence and obstruct justice even when the case was already in the public domain.

General Motors Bulones

As well, now that the time has last, already is has recognized the guilt of the manufacturer (only in terms economic, not in terms industrial or of engineering) and the fines imposed are being satisfied seems that all will be filed. This is the conclusion of General Motors executives have come to that and made public after completing the Research internal it had in the company.

It nowhere noted in direct to any employee of the firm. However has been patent that the situation was known within the Group and by a ludicrous amount of money (about 57 cents) is could have solved everything in the Assembly lines. If this had been the case has had saved billions of dollars and shame be designated by all Americans.

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