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General Motors (GM) will replace the Buick Regal with a version 5 doors

Opel Insignia Grand Sport

The market of the automobile in the United States is much more conservative than the European. There customers demand cutting saloon with four-door vehicles. For a car with five access to succeed it is because it has a design that you like and a less attractive price. Buick is one of the firms that had more traditional designs in his portfolio, however, at General Motors want to change this, since they need to make a radical turn in the image of the brand.

This already Ford Motor did (with relative success) with its subsidiary luxury Lincoln and it seems that now it’s the turn of Buick. So far, the Regal had lived with a body of traditional four-door. However, the Opel Insignia Grand Sport has meant a turnaround when design within the Builder americanor. Therefore, within General Motors would have decided to replace the current generation of the Regal using version five gates of the German saloon.

Opel Insignia Sports Tourer

Responsible for the American company would be still deciding this motion because it represents a radical change of concept for Buick. We must remember that the American company does not have in its portfolio with five-door models two decades ago. But in addition, there would also be other surprise and is that also reach United States Dedra station wagon Opel Insignia.

With the Sport Tourer bodywork General Motors executives want to give Buick Regal’s greater versatility of use. This planetamiento is more than good, as the American market to seen as falling sales of the traditional sedans for SUVS or more versatile vehicles. But there is also another approach in addition to everything, and this is of Economic Court and competition.

As we all know General Motors just to get rid of Opel. However, before doing this they have employed a huge amount of money to develop the new logo as it is logical, not going to release the model without squeezing it. Therefore, that until they can Buick will continue using as the basis of its catalogue Ray House models until the PSA group go changing your DNA from American to French.

The new generation of Buick Regal should make his World debut next April 4 at the Warren Technical Center (Detroit). Behind it, you will come to the Salon of the car of New York where we can also see the restyling which apply to the Buick Enclave.

Source – General Motors

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