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General Motors will announce new investments in the United States

General Motors

General Motors appears to play for two bands with the Government of the United States. On the one hand will reduce a work shift at one of its plants in the country, on the other hand it is studying the manufacture of a new model at its argentina plant in Rosario and on the other we learn that in short they announced an investment package for their factories located in United States. Everything seems a bit crazy and more when Donald Trump is laying siege to the firms who have interests outside the country more freedom in the world.

As we have learned, throughout this week General Motors mases sends them will make public a new package of investments aimed at improving several of the factories which have in United States. The amount that would want to invest would be estimated at around one billion dollars and it could provide jobs to about 1000 workers more. What unknown is whether Iran intended also to them who have seen reduced its readiness to have adjusted his work rate.

General Motors

This movement from the signature arrives in a time very timely since with it would show to Donald Trump the commitment that have with your country and the creation of employment between their compatriots. In this way they would alleviate the possible conflict that might exist between the company and the future President of the United States for taking foreign countries car manufacture.

In addition Mary T. bar, CEO of General Motors announced that it is waiting for Trump to be named (in official form) President of the United States to meet with him to explain the plans of multinational in the country and abroad. The idea that chases is not having to change its strategic plan that would require him to carry out new economic outlays as investments that now being undertaken will take committed three or four years.

Source-General Motors

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