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Good news for our industry. Volkswagen will produce a model more in Navarra

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Yesterday was made official this great news for the Spanish industry. The German Volkswagen will bring a second model to the production line of the factory navarra, Landaben. In this plant two different models never before had been performed in the same period of time. It currently produces the Volkswagen Polo

The model that will be added to the production of Navarre belongs precisely to the Polo range. It is a derived directly from this, B-segment SUV, will be the car’s smaller SUV type of brand. Sharing platform, it does not imply excessive spending by having to put up the production lines.

This situation will create a large number of jobs, although the figure is still unknown The start of production of the new vehicle is scheduled for 2018, although there is still not an exact date as to what month or approximately half of the year will start. The arrival of this second model to factory Lanbaden will generate a high number of jobs direct factory, guaranteeing the continuity of much of current workers.

In addition to the direct agreement contracts, we must take into account indirect jobs, especially in areas close to the ground, since the production of a vehicle generates external jobs by issues of logistics and supply of materials.

Volkswagen CrossPolo

From the Navarra plant has been producing the Volkswagen Polo, having been assembling the last four generations of the model, have gotten for their lines more than seven million units.

In recent years the units produced is much greater than in its origins. To get an idea, in 2015 the factory produced no less than 298.358 Volkswagen Polo. Of those nearly 300,000 units 91% were exported all over the world arriving at dealers from about 60 different countries.

“I want to thank the great work carried out by the social part and by the Directorate, who have made possible the great news that we can today announce with its constructive attitude,” said Francisco Javier García Sanz, global Vice President of the Volkswagen Group.

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