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Google will steal sensitive documents from their autonomous cars: über in the crosshairs

Google Waymo

The autonomous car race is becoming so hard that brands be are “whoring” to the beast. Über and Google are two of the firms (not dedicated to the automobile directly) more money and media have invested in design and development of their autonomous cars. However, the war for having could spend to top engineers and professionals Bill, since the knowledge that treasure is very high and industrial espionage situations could arise.

As we all know, Google decided to separate the design of their autonomous cars of its internet business. This created Waymo and endowed it with autonomy and professional so that the project will advance at a good pace. But the problem is now going through the company specialized in internet, lies in the departure of one of its engineers from your new logo Waymo.

Volvo XC90 autónomo Uber

As we have learned, by the complaint that Google has filed with the federal prosecutor in San Francisco, the company has suffered the theft of a number of documents. Apparently these documents contain sensitive information about the design of their autonomous cars and now is accused of being behind this bizarre story über.

Apparently, Anthony Levandowski, a former Google employee could have been born this documentation to his new job. However, the story gets complicated as this gentleman would have planned a masterstroke. Apparently I would have copied some 14,000 files and would have used them to create Otto, your own company to create autonomous cars. Even there it would seem normal, but the thing is complicated to know that Uber has been with this company for an amount of $ 680 million.

As it is logical to think, doubt whether passenger transport giant has the documentation is more than plausible. And especially when after acquiring Otto Uber has begun testing their own autonomous cars. In addition, Google argues that other employees also have been documentation before moving on to work for Otto (über), for which the investment of 500 million dollars that were they saved it is in über.

The complaint submitted by Google is (according to them) based on conclusive evidence. One of them is that Uber employs in its autonomous cars its Lidar system and therefore it could be demonstrated that they have become unduly technology. It remains to be seen if demand thrives and Google obtains compensation for the theft of its technology. Eye because this history can be very juicy.

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