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GP China F1 2017: dates, times and channels

Recta de meta en el GP de China

Second race of the Formula 1 2017 season, this time the cars travel to China, at the Shanghai circuit to compete in the GP of China this weekend coming, between 7 and 9 April. One of the favourite circuit of Fernando Alonso and no doubt a good track where the tires will have a thousand eyes on them and the rest of looks will be pointing towards the sky, since the climate in this area does not usually give truce and we will see if there is or not changing conditions or rain to give more excitement.

Cars that have a less powerful engine are going to suffer, or cars with too much drag, since the long straight will penalize them. It is a hard with the mechanical circuit, so it is a compendium of things to provide for that favorite Alonso circuit this will not make a great career, since as they have claimed from McLaren, shortfalls in China will further be, and Honda should not be happy after having sung the mea guilt and be made harakiri.

McL32 de Alonso

But no man deceive you, they are those who become worse, but not the only ones. There are also other cars in grilled pecan lowspeed tip. But perhaps most evident in the Woking, in fact simulations expected to remain without power about 500 meters before braking at the end of straight, what it means to walk half a kilometre with the absence of 150CV of power that go away as if by magic, that added to the deficit they have regarding some 100CV Mercedes means that a few extra 250CV in that area would miss. That if the reliability let them…

Leaving behind this dire situation, sure that in front will be an exciting career with Mercedes and Ferrari discussed the podium and victory. We will see if Australia was just a Mirage or if really the thing continues. Red Bull, between the problems that always tend to have the start to the season, Renault engine and suspension ban, are not as close as expected. However, Renault will react to Canada and they will have a good engine update, and now we all know that it happens to Red Bull with fashion season, and is greatly evolving. So be careful with them in summer.

As well, so that you don’t miss the race, classification and the free, whether by Vodafone, Movistar F1 or any other means, I leave this time table:

Day Session Time
Friday, April 7 Free practice 1 4:00
Friday, April 7 Free practice 2 8:00
Saturday, April 8 Free practice 3 6:00
Saturday, April 8 Classification 9:00
Sunday, April 9 Career 8:00

*Touch up early or see delayed

This weekend also coincides with MotoGP, certainly, for lovers of the category Queen of motorcycling…

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