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GP F1 2017 Australia: dates, times and channels

GP Australia Melbourne

As well know, this weekend begins the GP of Australia, the first appointment at Albert Park that will each one in place, since in the pre-season test has not been really where is each one. Mercedes has kept horses and it remains the favourite, but I need to know how closely will be Red Bull and Ferrari, his more immediate opponents. On the other hand, we can also see where is Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso, both with some problems on their machines.

The start will not be easy for anyone, but even less for the Honda with the problems seen in preseason. It is not known if they will be last, although there has been speculation much about that it would last, but it seems Sauber problems will give them a respite to be not at all recent. Nor do we know the real performance of the Honda engine without these problems of reliability have been, on those who are supposed to have worked. Anyway aren’t at all with it and it remains to be seen if both cars finish the race.

Potones del MCL32

That said, surely that we will see an interesting career in the ausie circuit. To make or miss anything, we did a reprint of a post on the methods and means in which to see F1. This year, as you know, opens a new possibility with Vodafone, in addition we are waiting that Liberty Media meet and issue F1 also streaming on the Internet. For more information you can read our article complete guide: where to see the F1 2017.

You choose Movistar F1 through the service of Movistar or Vodafone, or any other method, you should know that the GP of Australia will take place 24, 25 and 26 March, as also announced in our particular race 2017 calendar. Begins as always with the free practice 1 and 2 on Friday, followed by the free 3 and classification on Saturday and the race on Sunday, and each one of those sessions, is likely to make these media space pre and post to analyze everything that happened, and of course I invite you to continue our analysis of the sessions we will at every GP as in the past…

Date Session Time
Friday, March 24 Free practice 1 2:00
Friday, March 24 Free practice 2 6:00
Saturday, March 25 Free practice 3 4:00
Saturday, March 25 Classification 7:00
Sunday, March 26 Career 8:00 *

* Attention: Remember to change the time, and usually always have mess with this. Saturday, 2:00 will be 3:00… The clock is advanced by one hour.

As you can see, this is one of those careers that do not have European schedule and will play early, while in the media which broadcast the race usually make repetitions delayed so you don’t miss anything. Remember that you will also see summaries of 1 hour in TDP.

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