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GP of Russia F1 2017: date, times, and channels

GP de Rusia 2015

Looming the next GP in this season’s F1 2017, it’s the young career of on the circuit of Sochi, a track which gives shelter to the GP of Russia. It will be the 4th race of the season and it seems that everything will follow more or less the same in terms of hierarchy of the grill, with Ferrari and Mercedes front. We will see who cat will take to the water this time, if he returns to succeed Ferrari or if Mercedes does it. Since then the Germans have not been very successful at the first and last appointment, where they have lost because of own mistakes.

Behind them, we’ll see if it continues with its improves the Team Red Bull, which already showed in the last quote is not so far. Although major improvements be introduced them in the GP of Spain with a fairly new chassis/aerodynamics and the GP of Canada has set the date so that Renault will also do the same with your power unit. So in a few races, the team could be at the height of Ferrari and Mercedes, and we will see if the minimalist concept of Newey is the right or simply new rules not come you well to notions of aerodynamics guru…

McLaren de Vandoorne en el GP de Bahrein parado

On the other hand have a McLaren-Honda, after the disappointment of the past races, in this quote seems that they have deployed some countermeasures to improve the reliability of the MGU-H and also maps engine to improve the manageability and also reduce the vibrations that were source of faults. Apparently seen in past tests, where Vandoorne gave more of 80 laps, that’s the greatest distance travelled by Honda motor in everything we carry, so problems of reliability could be almost resolved. Performance, no major changes are expected, however, and it will be a hard race for them. To improve the power you have to wait more…

So that we do not lose any detail, you know that you can follow formal sessions by the media that you already know. If don’t use apps to view certain channels or satellite dishes to pick up channels that convey the F1 in open and free of charge, other media you know are Vodafone Movistar F1 channels including TV and of course also the same service provided by Movistar. As for times and dates:

Friday, April 28 Free practice 1 10: 00
Friday, April 28 Free practice 2 14:00
Saturday, April 29 Free practice 3 11:00
Saturday, April 29 Classification 14:00
Sunday, April 30 Career 14:00

And if you miss something, you know that we always do the analysis/overview of each session on our blog…

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