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Great Wall could build a factory in Mexican lands

Great Wall C50

The Mexican automotive industry, and in concrete of manufacture, it is experiencing a very sweet moment despite the envestidas they are receiving from the United States. The brands in the industry that wants to increase its presence in Latin America increasingly are more fixed in this country to launch their products. In addition, not only conform with there sell their cars then also studying building a plant assembly plant to manufacture its cars locally to avoid costs and taxes.

Mexico already has in their lands with factories from brands such as Toyota, Fiat Chrysler Automóbiles (FCA), Kia or Ford Motor. However, are Chinese brands, BAIC, JAC Motors, and in this case Great Wall which are putting their eyes on the Aztec country. Proof of this is that this last firm reported that it is in talks with authorities in several States of the country to install a factory in addition to start sales of its models there.

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As reported, the States that would be negotiating to open its plant assembly plant would be Nuevo León (with Monterrey at the head) and San Luis Potosí. This last is that perhaps could be the cat water, since Ford left them planted investment that would make part of the infrastructures were already half-baked. Therefore, it seems that the decision of Great Wall installed in Mexican soil seems more real than ever.

However, the arrival of Great Wall in Mexico would only be the first step for its international expansion. The reason is that depending on the brand, also would be considering raising a new plant in the United States. However, that is of this situation is far in time, because it all depends on how to develop trade agreements among China, United States and Mexico.

Before its arrival failure to specify with which models reach Mexico Great Wall, because he has two product lines. On the one hand has models that make up the General range Great Wall and which forms the “premium” Haval branch. In addition, they will also have to announce which models manufactured in Mexico, because if your bet is to sign insurance to the League premium.

Time to time Lords.

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