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“Habemus” Volkswagen Up! GTI with 115 HP

Volkswagen Up! GTI

Normally when we think in cars sports our head is going to vehicles of more than 300 CV, or of 400, or even of 600 CV. Vehicles of dream that often exceed the 100,000 euros. However, after return to put the feet in the Earth and see that also can exist cars sports infinitely more economic. In the case of Volkswagen, there are the versions GTI that ripped made already 40 years with the first Volkswagen Golf GTI.

In addition to the Golf GTI and GTI Polo found in marketing, has already confirmed that relatively soon we will see these mythical acronym in another product of the German firm. Some media have had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of this new Member, the Volkswagen Up! GTI, although it was of prototypes pre-series, that not will be exactly equal to them Up! GTI that we see by our streets, in theory, starting from 2018.

Volkswagen Up! GTI

According to the average coach, one of the few accredited for a touchdown with the pre-series units, this small GTI hit the market with a propellant cylinder, 1 liter, supercharged and 115 HP. This power is identical to that offered the third-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI 8-valve version, but with twice the displacement and a cylinder more, and slightly higher than the first Golf GTI. Dimensions will also be close to the first generation of the iconic Golf. All this, along with a weight that will be around a ton, they could turn it into a utilitarian for the most fun and playful.

However, much we fear that not be a utilitarian sports end. As is of imagine, in coach cite that these units had with ones developments of the transmission, that by the way is manual, quite long in favour of search “economy of fuel”. Will there simply be a Volkswagen Up!, something more dynamic, with a sporty and distinctive aesthetic style of its GTI brothers, and a more powerful engine. In short, does not look, at least for now, that will be a “Track Day” car for twisty circuits.

On the other hand, our colleagues have that he has inherited several elements of the pole, such as the address or brake system, even though adapted to the German utility small. Also speaking of the suspension, that would leave it body 15 mm more near the floor. In any case, we will wait that Volkswagen decides to introduce this Volkswagen Up! GTI fully tuned and know all the data official and end of the model end.


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Volkswagen Up!

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