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Hamilton wants to “LH” editions of Mercedes-AMG who sit as a Formula 1

During the past weekend was held one of the “sweetest” car events of the year to see. We refer to the Festival of the speed of Goodwood. These days you have spoken much of the event as in the following articles: the competition of the Goodwood Festival of speed in more than 100 images, Bugatti Chiron in full action at the Goodwood Festival or the Goodwood Festival is the paradise of the Supercars.

Not bad. During that same weekend you had presented the new Mercedes GT R. If you do not remember it, this supercar is the most extreme version of the Mercedes AMG GT, the GT S. account with a 4-litre V8 biturbo that you toca 577 horses at full capacity. It also has a as aerodynamic as aggressive body kit and multiple components in carbon fiber to lighten the total weight of the car subject to AMG GT S. Its top speed far exceeds 300 km/h and need 3.5 seconds to move from 0 to 100 km/h.


The fact is that Lewis Hamilton was at Goodwood as attraction of attention to the presentation of the car. According to reports the average Motoring they interviewed him and he made a statement that we should take into account, since they may affect the following peak performance launching Mercedes-AMG models and limited editions.

The three-time champion of Formula 1 pilot stated that he had wanted to get involved with the AMG GT R, but at that point the car was already developed, so the idea of Hamilton no longer could be out when arriving late. However, he would have said that both depart have spoken of launching any limited edition “LH” at some point, although it may be of this model or another.

Did not want to speak out too in terms of what model (or models) would like to you take initials engraved, but if he said that anyone can put together a car as it, any car that he configured would feel its very close to a Formula 1 driver. And, who better than a pilot of Formula 1 to tune a car want to be radical?

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