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He group Berge is saved at the last moment of the collapse economic

Grupo Bergé y Cía

Within the sector of the automobile the import and distribution of them cars that them brands manufactured in other countries is very important. Without it not would be many of them models that circulate by our highways to our country. However being the largest group importer and national distribution in terms of cars does not save you from can suffer economic problems, and that is what has happened to the Group Berge.

For those who do not know the Grupo Bergé y Cía was founded in the year 1870 in Bilbao. Initially its activity focused on the slogan of stevedores and ships. However during the twentieth century it was expanding its business activities. From the year 1979 coinciding with the entry of Spain in the directive and the liberalisation of imports of vehicles from third countries the Group began to import industrial equipment and also distribute cars.

Currently the Group Berge and Cia is the biggest distributor private of cars of Spain and Latin America. The Group has a total of 26 brands (distribution and retail) in six countries in Europe (Spain and Portugal) and Latin America (Chile, Peru, Argentina and Colombia).

Grupo Bergé y Cía Mitsubishi

Such is the diversification that have suffered them activities business of the group that by having is embarked in a project related with the energies renewable in Andalusia almost just in problems economic older. This project, called Isofoton, has left the firm a total of 722 million euros of debt. However this debt is to long term and which were pending of cover in these days amounts to 376,67 million of euros.

It company by itself same not has been capable of do facing the debt, however thanks to the help of the Bancon Santander have could refinance it. This was made possible by the agreement reached at the last minute to delay the debt along with other commitments until next year 2021. We hope that by that time they cope with debts and that do not affect the distribution of automobiles.

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