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Hennessey makes its first preparation of the current Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

The Ford Focus RS is one of the compact high performance far more interesting. An engine has 2.3 350 HP Ecoboost, that are shared between all four wheels depending on the conditions of March and the driving mode selected. For its power and the integral drive system, is in the middle where it has no clear rivals, except the A45 AMG of Mercedes, which benefits even more.

However, there are always clients who seek something more and that can be tiring or quickly adapt to the performance of a model series. 350 horses for a compact are not just a few, but there is always who wants a little more. For these people, the American trainer Hennessey has presented specific training which increases the performance of the powerful 2.3 Ecoboost de el Focus RS.


Hennessey is known for making preparations of authentic infarction in very high-end models. In this case, it has taken the compact sporty and has provided it with a higher power, although as we could have expected us something more spectacular. The power increase was 55 HP which is not bad, but if you think, I will tell you that the maximum torque has become of 470 Nm (which is a very high pair) no less than 576 Nm, a figure to take into account.

To reach such figures, Hennesey has replaced air filter by another of greater flow, a dedicated exhaust system and a deep modification of the electronic control unit of the engine. The preparer charges almost 5,000 dollars for this preparation, but you will have to send your car to the United States so updated you.

In any case, the preparer has room for improvement to make an extreme empowerment, although the price will obviously be much higher; but we are sure that you will have it in a short time.

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