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Honda has not yet 300,000 cars reviewed with the airbag problems

Resultado EuroNCAP Honda HR-V

It security in a vehicle is very important. When the scandal of the airbags of Takata is uncovered affected to several marks Japanese. An of the signatures more affected has been Honda, however little by little has gone solving the problem that have had their cars and customers with the airbags defective. For this has had that carry out campaigns of review billions of dollars to it long and width of the world.

One of those countries in which the call to review has been more big is United States. In this country was where greater number of models affected by the airbags defective of Takata is sold. Also, the number of deaths caused by them defects in them airbags also is have accounted in the country of the Uncle Sam. however, according to has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) still missing vehicles of Honda by pass the review.

Honda CR-V 2017

According to this agency, ones 300,000 cars of Honda (and Acura) even not have last by its workshops official to pass the corresponding review of their airbags. The call to review held in June of this year, but today only have gone through the official service about 13,000 owners. This makes that many vehicles with defective airbags continue circulating on the roads with the consequent problem in security that could lead to its occupants.

Therefore, to move customers finally by the workshops of Honda to solve this problem, has taken a much less curious measure. NHTSA is taken very seriously the safety of American drivers and to make sure that all advised people to check their airbags are going through the workshop has decided to hire private detectives. Thanks to the work of these professionals may locate the owners of the affected cars and invite them in person to spend by the workshop to conduct a pre-trial review.

This initiative is much less curious, but it puts relevant the importance that has for NHTSA safety of drivers in the United States and their commitment to society.

Source – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

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