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Honda Motors for now remains in United States

Honda CR-V 2017

Honda Motors is one of the foreign brands having major interests in the United States. Much of its sales worldwide come from that country and together with its luxury brand, Acura, has created a superb reputation. However, as in the case with the United Kingdom Brexit things it seems they get complicated in the country of Uncle Sam. The choice of Donald Trump as President of the “estates” not exciting to many of the brands that are there present and could lead to them some other scare economically.

According to Takahiro Hachigo, CEO of Honda Motors, have not clear what are the economic policies that Donald Trump will be implemented eventually. Until they are clear you can not assess whether changes in production that has the signature in the United States. It adds that it is a problem for all manufacturers of automobiles in the United States and not just Honda.

Honda CR-V 2017

Trump wants to put an end to the free trade agreement and that much complicate things for manufacturers which are there set out. This situation would increase the price of cars which Honda and other brands manufactured in the United States. In addition, also would make cars that manufactured in Mexico also they rise in price , and therefore would be causing that demand domestic for the United States Callero plummet.

Honda has two factories of cars in Mexico, one located in Celaya and another in Guadalajara. These, together with which they have in the United States could see how their burden of work and investment are modified drastically if the economic policies of Donald Trump become protectionist and contrary to products manufactured in third countries such as Mexico and other parts of the world.

Finally mention that Ford, has ratified its investments in Mexico and therefore it will disregard the words of Trump. To see what Honda.

Source – Honda Motors

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