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Honda not are going to Silicon Valley to develop their cars autonomous

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Cars autonomous so they are fully functional need a set of very complex technology. Are composed mostly by radars infrared and crowd of cameras for power control all the variables that involved in it driving. For its development the brands of cars are working with companies specialized or are betting by develop them to level internal.

One of them places of the world where greater number of companies dedicated to the design and development of the technology necessary for those cars are autonomous is Silicone Valley. The city belonging to the State of California has with an of them older communities scientific of the world and many of these professional are developing the technologies that mounted many of them cars autonomous that will arrive in brief to the market.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

However one of the brands of cars that is not going to bet on this Honda city in the United States is. According to Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Director of research of Honda, will create the intelligence artificial necessary for their cars autonomous in Tokyo. The reason that has, is that not want do it same that the rest of brands that have bet by create it in that city and that want to be different respect to them cars autonomous of the competition.

For Tokyo is set to its center of operations to develop this artificial intelligence. This means that to create this center of operations most likely Honda engineers have to move to Tokyo, since the brand has opened other Artificial Intelligence Research in Silicon Valley, Germany and Japan.

Much of the technology that Honda will develop in this new center of intelligence artificial will arrive to their cars in the period of a decade. However this technology will be arriving little by little with each of the models to launch to the market during this time. With it, you will get to reach a high degree of autonomy, and can replace the action of a human driver.

Source – Honda

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