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How it works the new engine 1.5 TSI evo of the Volkswagen Group (video)

Volkswagen TSI EA211 evo

In recent years we have seen how Volkswagen developed many engines under the acronym TSI. These engines are the main example of downsizing in the German group, having had drives of different sizes and performances. The most used in all these years – approximately – a decade has been the TSI 1,400 cc engine, which is mounted in many media of Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda models.

After about ten years by exploiting the engine block 1.4 TSI the Volkswagen Group launches its successor, the 1.5 TSI evo. Noteworthy is that, rather than continue reducing cylinder capacity as had happened so far, increasing its displacement. According to Volkswagen, 1.5 TSI evo is an evolution from its predecessor, being more efficient and dynamic. In the following video we explain some of its technologies and performance.

This drive is one of the first in the world – from gasoline – to use a variable geometry turbocharger. This translates into better performance in virtually all range of revolutions, making it more usable and enjoyable driving by having a large reserve of torque at virtually any time.

As in the latest versions of the 1.4 TSI, the cylinders ACT disconnection of the 1.5 engine system TSI evo allows that cylinders 2 and 3 stop do its job when energy demand is low, saving fuel while the driver perceives it.

Also, in versions with DSG change, with a system able to turn off the engine. When speed is not high, and the driver lifts the foot off the accelerator, the clutch is disengaged and the system shuts down the motor. Thus, in mild downturns where we want to take advantage of the inertia, we can circulate for several tens of meters with the engine off. With only touching the accelerator 1.5 TSI evo back to life.

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