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How much does a Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV lighten?

Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce (5)
Logic says that who buys is a car with a large number of hundreds of horses under the right foot makes it to make the most of its performance. However, it does not always tends to be so and many Supercars have just parked in the garage of a “Millionaire” alongside other models of similar characteristics. Others, however, used some other Sunday to walk to quiet rhythms and grab attention.

It is true that many Supercars are not traded, it is logical. But like love that this kind of cars are in the streets, but also in their habitat, the circuits. Few are the lovers of extreme speed and maximum dynamic efficiency that can afford a car, like the Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV costing almost 450,000 euros.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV is the most benefits Edition of the Italian model. It was released by 2015 taking the base of the Aventador LP 700-4 while improving their image and getting 50 HP more than the normally aspirated V12 engine. In addition, subsequently launched a series limited to 500 units of a convertible variant called Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce Roadster, whose price more than €480,000.


Anyone who really wants to get all the potential of this Superveloce should pay attention to the improvements proposed by Vitesse AuDessus. They do not increase the power of the V12, nor make more rigid its already itself rigid chassis. The changes offered by this manufacturer of Supercars have to do with the lightness of weight, but why lose comfort inside, using in the bodywork and wheels carbon fiber.

Vitesse AuDessus offers two different packages, although many more parts not coming into these packages individually can be purchased. In the first of them, called Essentials, they replaced the front bumper, side skirts, mirrors and rear diffuser. Its price is 15.525 dollars, coming to be approximately 13,700 euros to change. If you want to add the carbon fiber wheels amounts $20,000 more, surpassing the 31,000 euros. The second package called Extended Package adds to the above the hood in carbon fiber, costing a total of 19.700 EUR, which add fiber wheels we will more than 37,300 euros.

All these changes are available for the model of closed bodywork and the Roadster. The parts of the body can have glossy or matte, finish to the taste of the customer. Unlike other preparations, with this, only the client will know that your car has the modifications, if he wants to clear.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce (4)

If we want only the wheels, without acquiring any of the packages, its price goes from $20,000 to 25,000 (of 17.670 to something more than 22,000 euros). With these rims made of carbon fiber, the maker says that it can reduce the weight of the masses not suspended at 50 pounds, i.e. more 22.6 kilograms. It also leaves the choice to the taste of the client for some tires as the model of the series either a replica that uses the poison Lamborghini.

Via | Vitesse AuDessus

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