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Hyundai hires Bugatti Chiron designer for Genesis

Genesis New York Concept

To beginning of the Decade of them two thousand which is bought a car of Hyundai and Kia it was because its price was of shootdown. Not had an equipment out of it common and its design and finishes were rather mediocre, however with the advent of the new Millennium decided to that were to change to always your positioning. For this began to work in aspects as important as its range of engines, its engineering, finished interior and something very important your design.

So radical has been the change that have suffered both firms that today day few is agree of that came to Spain (and Europe) using the resource of the price attractive to get to the garage of them customers. Today day their products is rub shoulders with them more consecrated and each year that passes beat their sales world. Of all this has emerged the birth of a new firm within the group. Genesis is the maximum expression with regard to luxury and distinction that can provide Hyundai-Kia in the market.

Bugatti Chiron

The signature premium of the group wants compete of you to you with the three marias German (Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz) and some that another Japanese and American. For this are aware of that the design of their cars have that be elegant, sophisticated and at the same time dynamic. The union of these features will make that its future range of models is place in the place that they want and for take it to this site in Hyundai have decided hire as Chief of design for Genesis to Alexander Sasha Selipanov, responsible of the design of the super sports Bugatti Chiron.

Sasha Selipanov is not new in this design of cars. Between their designs more famous is the of the Lamborghini Hurricane. In addition, part of its trajectory labor it has played within the Group Volkswagen and is in Bugatti where has State by last time before give the jump towards Genesis. Genesis next year will start to grow as brand and Selipanov you will have a very important role in this and you have to create a brand according to the aspirations of the group image.

We will be very attentive to the movements of Hyundai-Kia from now on.

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