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Hyundai will launch from here to the 2018 two new SUV small

Hyundai i10 restyling

The segment of the SUV seems unstoppable. At first brands made up to have a model in this market niche to avoid losing sales over its competitors, however it seems that “crossoverizando” is the market in general. You have seen in the Peugeot 3008 and 5008 and it will see in more than one model and brand. In this case is Hyundai which will launch two new SUV´s small from here to the next year 2018.

According to Dave Zuchowksi, CEO of Hyundai Motor in America, the signature Korean launch two new SUV´s below the current Tucson. So this is so both the Santa Fe as this will grow of size and of this form will have fitted them two new members of the family all road of the manufacturer. This growth was top of the range comes from the hand of the next generation of the Santa Fe, which will be renamed Santa Fe Sport.

Hyundai i20 Active precio

These two new SUV´s will reach the segment of the urban and urban micro. By now Hyundai is represented in the part low of the market with the i20 Active. However, this model is not a proper SUV and the customers, although they welcomed him, prefer a car with greater appearance of SUV. Therefore, and in view of the requests of customers the future generation of the i20 will be a SUV variant in any rule.

By now not be knows nothing about their platforms or them bases that them will give life. Hyundai would have that lift them versions SUV of the i10 and i20 on a basis similar to not shoot them costs and by now both models used platforms different. There will be that wait if it brand produces a same for both models and their variants on high or modifies which currently les give life and them adapts to his new situation.

Finally, Zuchowksi, also confirmed that Hyundai wants to renovate the upper range SUV by the year 2020. Therefore, if this happens the manufacturer Korean would have with an of them ranges more young of all the manufacturers of car.

Source – Hyundai Motor Company

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