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If sales continue as well, end of year the diesel will not represent or 50%

Sales of passenger cars in the first half of the year 2016 data we have in our hands and enrolment figures continue to maintain the same line, i.e. each time one lower percentage of cars with diesel engine for sale and the sector seems to be recovering slowly.

Let’s go by parts. In the recently completed month of June, the records of sales of them dealers Spanish added a total of 123.790 registrations of passenger cars, by what is is of the best number of sales in an only month from makes six years. On the other hand, in the same month of last year, this figure was 111.333, so it got growth has been slightly more than 11%.

If we look at the accumulated year (values from January to June, both included), the sales result is 623.234car. This data has been the best for a semester since 2008, i.e. from no less than eight years ago. Compared to the first six months of 2015, where it sold 555.222 cars, the growth was 12.2%. Hopefully that data will continue for a long time this upline.


All the channels of sales grow and that more the of private Analyzing them data by channels, the of private has been that higher growth has registered in the month of June, with a data positive of the 15.3% and 58.327 registrations. In addition to sales of the previous five months, the data is 301.071 marketing and an increase in the accumulated of 9.2%. The companies channel maintains its line with a growth of 8.2% in June and 16% in the jackpot of the year. The rental of vehicles also continue helping the sector with 35.434 units in the sixth month of the year and an increase of 7.5%, and a growth in the first six months of the 14.5% with 161.186 cars.

As said to the start, the sales of passenger cars of diesel oil continue dwindling. We began the year with 61.3% values for models with this type of engines, but will gradually decline and now they account for a market share of 55.2%. This means that if the trend is maintained, is likely that shut down December with a percentage of fee lower to the 50%, something that would be surprising in our country.

Collect that percentage that diesel is losing in terms of sales of gasoline passenger cars. In January, the share of vehicles from gasoline was of only the 35.7%, while in June already has reached the 42.4%. For his part, electric and hybrid vehicles end up not materialize in our country, and conform with a market share of 2.4%.


Source | ANFAC

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