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If you see a Pagani Zonda F, increases the distance, your brakes are better than yours

Pagani Zonda F

In a world in which all of us in a small pocket of the pants a phone, an agenda, a camera, another video, albums of photos, a browser, an alarm clock, stereo with an infinite number of discographies, and even a mailbox (to quote only some things), is normal that If we see a supercar and we are lovers of cars , draw this instrument called smartphone and make use of their camera, well is to take a photo or to record a video.

We are more than aware that we should not mix the use of the electronic conduction devices, as must not drink if we are later going to lead. In this video we will not see a driver who recorded while driving, but does his companion. He case is that, as we see, from the side of the passenger of a van is performs a recording of a fabulous Pagani Zonda F, a version very exclusive and difficult of see by the road, that ends with a final unexpected.

To difference of them videos viral that usually run by the network where cars with prices of 6 digits are them protagonists, not see smoke coming out of them tires, or nor an Orgasmic sound of exhaust. Is more, nor the driver of the supercar has the guilt of this final. As we have seen, the Pagani braking capacity is another level compared to any ordinary vehicle. Perhaps has been for this by what the van finally just “kissing” the behind of the beautiful Zonda.

Either way, the moral can be drawn from this brief video is that although we want to appreciate every detail of the car of our dreams, better do so in standing. More beyond of it funny, sad or ridiculous (for which collides) that can result the video earlier, hope that all us demos has of it importance of keep ones few meters concerning the car that us precedes, distance that is should increase in function increase the speed to which spread, giving equal that is a Pagani or a moped.

Image – Flickr

Source – Youtube

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