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If your car is older than 1997 and you city by Paris they will put a recipe

In recent months it comes saying that many European cities have the urgency to considerably reduce air pollution, especially in downtown areas. One of the more involved is the French capital, Paris. Recently it has become a serious measure which shall enter into force on July 1 and will affect a high percentage of Parisians and residents of the surrounding area.

The inhabitants of Paris and people that go over it with their cars will have a real problem if your vehicle is older than 1997. The Mayor of the capital, the transportation authorities Group (GART) and the Minister of the environment have approved today a law that forbids circular prior to 1997 cars, gasoline or diesel, the days of daily through the downtown area.

The reform affects not only passenger cars

This new anti-pollution law also affects two-wheeled vehicles -motorized, namely motorcycles. All those motorcycles prior to the June 1, 1999 may not walk the streets of Paris inside.

All this will be added the plan which came into force on 1 July of the past 2015 that he forbade access to the Centre of the village to heavy vehicles prior to October 1, 2001.
This measure will affect a high percentage of vehicles of the current car park of Paris, specifically affect 10%. This figure should be added the number of cars not registered in the capital that usually circulate on the streets.


Control and sanctions

In 2017, the fine will be 68 euro for cars and 135 for heavy vehicles To control easily to any vehicle “BREW” without having access to limited areas, the authorities will provide some stickers, which are positioned in the area of the windscreen mandatory from 1 October, and identify in what sort of pollution is classified each vehicle.

The sanctions that the authorities will make all those who fail to comply with this regulation will not be very aggressive, but only at the beginning. The initial amount shall be EUR 35, but at the beginning of 2017 will rise to 68 euro for cars and 135 for heavy vehicles.

What in Spain with a similar law?

No I’d like to that in Spain’s major cities take example of the French capital, although Madrid already raises some serious action that would send in anecdotal the speed limit to 70 mph in certain ways depending on the contamination of that day. We say that a limitation would not us so because a high number of cars would be free to move, not because we don’t want to reduce high air pollution.

Our current car park is 11.6 years on average, while in France this fact becomes even 9 years. Therefore, I would be a very high percentage of cars outside the inner cities that adopted a law similar to the Parisian.

Via | Le Monde

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