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Impressive! A MINI runs along the 20 km of Nürburgring to two wheels

Vuelta a dos ruedas en Nürburgring con un MINI

Records is trying to beat in the old layout of Nürburgring usually time. Much of the manufacturers, pilots and amateurs they aim to the 20.8 kilometers in the shortest time possible; something that often ends in a hard crash. However, we had never imagined us that someone had the challenge of touring the green to two-wheeled hell track.

Chinese stunt Have Yue has been able to complete this feat through the 20.8 km of Nürburgring on two wheels left a mini side. More than 20 kilometers on two wheels should not be no simple task in a straight site; but the Green hell adds its many forks, camber, aggressive piano, potholes and lots of changes in ground level, including the “carousel”.

Han Yue has used a MINI Cooper S of the previous generation with some slight modification to ensure security during this record attempt. Changes in comparison to a MINI stock are a cage rollover, seat and harness racing and a few special tires, more solid, so the profile of the tyre could support the weight of the vehicle for so long. And it is that the profiles of conventional tires are not able to endure so far away.

If you wonder how long it took to the stunt the 20.8 km of Nürburgring on two wheels on your MINI, I imagine that you already intuirás that it will not be between the records of times faster. 45 minutes. Three quarters of an hour on the wheels on the left side of the MINI Cooper S.

The Facebook of the circuit account relayed live record. As we have learned, some 8,000 people saw the live broadcast, while a few hours later had already been about 300,000 people who travel on two wheels have Yue mini reproduced.

Source – Autoevolution

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