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Infiniti closes 2016 with a global sales record

Prueba Infiniti Q30 1.5d 7DCT

Be a signature of luxury “start-ups” (put recent in quotation marks because it is so recent, nor has been many years in the market) is having to make a titanic work to earn the credibility of customers and Infiniti is getting it. The firm Nissan premium increasingly is gaining more and more followers there where comes and it seems that the last year 2016 has been a turning point in terms of sales of cars in the world.

As reported by the firm, during the 12 months of 2016 has managed to sell a total of 230,000 new vehicles representing a growth to 2015 of 7 per cent. This growth has occurred in all the major markets that is present and that has meant a growth of 4 percent in the United States with 138.300 units, 7 per cent in Canada with 12,000 units and a 23 percent growth in Mexico with 2,200 units.

Frontal Infiniti Q60

In Western Europe sales have soared 140 percent to reach 16,000 units in part thanks to the good reception given to the new Q30. In China the brand’s growth was 3 percent with 41.590 vehicles delivered. Finally in the rest of Asia the growth of the firm has estimated in a magnificent 18 percent by enrolling some 6,700 cars.

According to Roland Krueger, President of Infiniti Motor Company Infiniti continues to grow worldwide thanks to the strength of our portfolio of product that continues expanding, […].” Appreciate the confidence that them customers have in our brand, products and services, and we strive to continuously by overcome their expectations. With the debut of the […] QX50 Concept, the next week at the Detroit Motor Show, we hope to continue our growth pattern. The QX50 Concept is a SUV which shows how will continue to develop our presence in the growing global vehicle segment. We will continue to expand our range of products with a unique design, exceptional performance […] capacity language “.”

We are confident that, as has been the case with Lexus, Infiniti will know how to find their niche in the market and will continue to present with models so elegant and suggestive as that they have now. We hope to continue exploiting its collaboration agreement with Mercedes-Benz and esto allows you to improve the future.

Source – Infiniti

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