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Infiniti has become in the showcase technology of the Alliance Renault-Nissan


When a brand becomes something special for the public, its executives should take advantage of it. Inside of the Renault-Nissan Alliance more special brand that feature is Infiniti. Signature premium Nissan has become an exponent of everything they know to do and, as you know that the pubic loves the unique and exclusive, in Nissan want to exploit the moment that lives its infinite signature.

Proof of this is that for the impending Geneva Auto Show, have already warmed the atmosphere with a very special of the Q60 version. It will meet much of new technologies that the Renault-Nissan Alliance treasures for himself. However, it will not be the only model that has them and show to the public at large, but it this year we will discover new attributes in their models.

Among the main technological elements which we will see in future Infiniti models have auto driving systems, new mechanics to reduce consumption and emissions as well as progress in electrification. However, what is really important is that managers of the Renault-Nissan Alliance have decided to convert to Infiniti in its exponent in terms of r & d with a view to the general public.

Infiniti Q60 Black S

The system Pro-Pilot’s Nissan will be the protagonist in the restyling that will suffer the berlina Q50. Thanks to him, Nissan is launch to the market with a vehicle capable of driving by itself only. Obviously this system will be improved regarding which premiered in the Japanese Nissan Serena and European Leaf. With it, the House managers seek probing the market and at the same time improve its technology development autonomous.

As is logical, the set of technologies that brand new Infiniti will eventually coming to the rest of models of the Alliance. Make this company who release them however, will mark a before and an afterwards, since it reinforces the Infiniti premium character and is located at the same level that are the more consolidated sector premium brands (Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz).

To finish, mention that responsible for the Alliance they have communicated that reach this level of technology has been thanks to joint research and the possibility of saving development costs. This not prevents that each brand has its own technologies, but obviously is will make extensible to the rest of brands that form the Alliance, Mitsubishi included.


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