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Infiniti will sell its range of models in Europe in the Renault network

Infiniti Q60 Coupé 2017

Infiniti is the brand of luxury of the Japanese Nissan. Its official launch occurred in November 1989 in the United States. The reason for the start of its sales in this country is because it was created specifically to fight in the American against Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac market, Lincoln, BMW and Volvo. For its creation, Nissan followed the same patterns that Acura Honda and Toyota with Lexus followed to create its luxury brands.

His reception in the market was good and in a matter of thirty years, which meets in 2019, is already in many markets. However, in the United States has just managed to place itself as a firm reference premium, in Europe not just find your hollow. The reason is that their sales are still low and is not because they have problems with its range of models or its image, but its distribution network is still scarce and not reach all customers who would like to.

Infiniti QX30 2016

According to Roland Krueger, President of Infiniti, the sales of the brand in Europe have grown a nothing despicable 155 percent. However this spectacular growth is based on figures even lower since the brand only managed to sell last year’s 13,200 units. Therefore, to improve these figures the brand will launch new models to thus settle in the market segments in which they are not.

In addition, according to Krueger the network business of Infiniti in Europe will grow with between 120 and 140 dealers new. All this will be added the expansion that will be held in the hands of Renault. It network commercial of Renault in Europe is much more large that it of Nissan, matrix of Infiniti, and by this used it of it first to sell their models in the main cities of the continent.

For this is would have met with Stephan Muller, Vice President of the Group Renault. In these meetings is treated them possibilities that has the brand of luxury of Nissan to expand their operations using the network of Renault. Therefore thanks to the growth of the range and to the expansion that will have your network of dealers Infiniti is more near reach the 500,000 units that expects Carlos Ghosn.

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