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Intel Inside also want their autonomous car

Intel Inside

Since computers are no longer a product for people with resources the popularity of Intel Inside soared as the foam. This company is responsible for the design and manufacture of microprocessors that will then take billions of computers. However, not only is centered in the design of this type of components for computer and now want to give the jump to another type of business more succulent.

As we have already mentioned other times here, autonomous driving is more a reality palpalbe in the short term than in the distant future. By this the manufacturers need of the technology necessary for their cars are autonomous it more fast possible. There is where wants to enter Intel Inside and fight of your to your with suppliers of intelligence artificial so important as it is now Samsung or Indra in the case Spanish.

prototipo BMW i8 spyder

The idea of Intel Inside is the following: If the great most of them computers that there is in the world carry their processors by what them cars autonomous, that need also of a brain that les Guide, not can carry a microprocessor yours. Then there is where wants to meter is of full the company American and for this van to start a programme of investments of 230 million of euros.

With this program more the collaboration of BMW and MobilE expect to launch to the market its first car autonomous to the hundred by hundred in the year 2o21. For this have created several start ups that already are working on technologies related with those cars autonomous. Also, are leading to out the purchase of companies as Logitech to improve the technology that are developing.

To all this we must add the ambition because has to NVidia as competitor more direct. This signature competes directly in the same niches of market, however in it regarding to driving autonomous is you has in advance. NVidia is who has developed the System Drive PX that mounted Tesla on his Autopilot. Also, carries several years working with the giant of internet Chinese Baidu to create a platform independent.

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