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Is a 4 × 4 diesel sure boring? You have not seen this modified Ford Ranger

In a market where the crossovers of compact dimensions with not many horsepower diesel engines are increasingly more and more customers, the purists feel disappointed. Society changes, and there are some who prefer a Ford EcoSport, front-wheel drive, to a Ford Focus ST.

We are agreed that the SUV is more comfortable and rather less “gaston” (if we bought it diesel) that the compact sports. We are not going to deny the undeniable. But that feeling of owning a car perfectly useful for day to day, which allows us to equally long journeys through space for loading and habitability and, in addition, will take us curve to curve with a smile drawn in our in any mountain road is being lost.

The golden age of the “GTIs” were to the 1990s, but those cars were much more difficult to drive and less practical than today, which are quite soft, more efficient, comfortable and safe. In any case, purists do not look favourably “the conquest” that are carrying out the SUVs. But for taste, you know, the colors.

Anyway, it is better to not say “this water I will not drink”. Or perhaps we will say that this Ford Ranger with last name m-sport and modified by Carlex Design is not appealing?


This preparacionse has carried out about a Ford Ranger double cab, with mechanics of 3.2 litre diesel TDCi of 200 HP and 470 Nm, which is associated with a 4 × 4 drive. We don’t know if the preparer has boosted its mechanics, but aesthetically has turned you a quite acceptable.

On the outside they have introduced a redesigned front grille, new bumper, larger wheel arches, and tires with 18-inch matte black. It can also own a kit off road that incorporates a specific suspension that raises 4.5 cm body, lighting of the LEDs in the ceiling and a structural reinforcement.

In the cockpit , we also see a new image. The preparation has a specific leather upholstery for various parts of the cockpit to improve the feeling of quality and darkened rear glass.

It is not a Ford F-150 with the mythical brand gasoline propellants American muscle, but the Ford Ranger European “retouched” can be a very interesting pickup. It hit the market in September and will be available at certain dealerships of the brand, although its price has not been made public.


Via | M-sport

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