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Is false! Has not leaked any Alfa Romeo Giulia family

Imagen filtrada Alfa Romeo Giulia familiar

Much we have been talking about in recent times of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. It is the first model of the profound remodelling that will undergo the entire range of the Italian brand and, after several delays in its release date, we could know and ride one of their diesel variants. It was hoped that you appeared also a Variant with bodywork family, and we had already seen a rendering of how it might be aesthetically, but the company had not acted… and you still do it.

However, in the last hours allegedly filtered an Alfa Romeo Giulia family image has run across the network. Apparently, this image came of a profile of Facebook, and the average British coach has asserted in an article-that subsequently has been deleted-that is was of a filtration of the alpha Romeo Giulia family that would see some months more forward, in the first half of the next year.


This image, which appears in the header of this article, as we see does not offer the complete design of the so-called family Giulia. It simply shows a back view with the gate of the open trunk, which lets us see a second row of seats divided into two asymmetrical halves and a lid in the central area for the transport of skis. Also, on the floor, are tracks to separate and secure effectively the load.

According to our colleagues from, it is a spoofed image, a possible rendering. They have taken the inside of the trunk of a Jaguar XF Sportbrake, making an artificial design of the visible part of the body. With the marked diffuser black, the double output of exhaust circular, and the huge width of its tires later, could insinuate us that is were of a variant of high performance. But the truth is that, only it wasn’t amontage.

As we said, the Italian company still has not ruled on an Alfa Romeo Giulia family. Alpha perhaps is waiting for the result of sales of the Giulia of them next month to decide if finally sells or not a Giulia family. Remember, although in Spain family car bodies are not very common, in the rest of Europe representing a large share of the market, both derived from Compact as of sedans, so it wouldn’t be anything rare that Yes are they made to its launch here at a time if the statistics were encouraging.

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