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It seems that Alonso does not go to Mercedes…

ALonso y Marquez intercambiando casco

Bottas, Verstappen, Alonso, Pascal, Ocon, Petrov, Maldonado, Vettel, Ricciardo,… over medium Grill, even which have contract or are out of the F1 have called to the door of Mercedes because all want to be pilots of the team dominant of them last Championships. Many names have dream already to occupy the seat of Nico Rosberg and be partner of Lewis Hamilton in 2017.

Even Wolff has joked and spoke of Rossi and Lorenzo as possible candidates. It certain is that proposals not you are missing, it difficult for Mercedes will be select the best option. As announced, the coming year will go deep changes in the technical regulations, and dominant car might not be the best of all, therefore make that step with changes so profound also all a risk, although he remains the favorite…

Alonso empuja su McLaren-Honda

Always the best teams are the Favorites for next year, but we saw what happened to Red Bull when the regulations of engines, was changed precisely 2014 was not a good year for them. So, what now seems the best option, go to Mercedes, may not be seen better the changes that will be. That itself, both Ferrari, as network Bull and Mercedes have been them unique in test them tires new and that is an advantage, although is share the data with the rest of teams… but them tires not it are all.

What I say in the title comes because Alonso is now in what is called the Thank Day, rolling with a Honda MotoGP, vintage cars of the Japanese brand, etc. There has said that “is an honor to be driver of McLaren-Honda.” […] “The year that comes we see another time.” Although in F1 is much lies and everything must be take with tweezers and analysed or not to believe too until official releases, it seems that leave to see to continue with them in 2017, something that seems logical to me, it has sucked two bad years and perhaps the next is the awakening and is going to go now?

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