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It seems that Yes, we will have a BMW M8

BMW Serie 8

There are many rumors that are reaching our ears lately about the return of the 8 series BMW company. Today we arrive new information, without confirmation any from the brand, although, in this case, already is speaks of the initial M, i.e., of a possible BMW M8. A model never seen before, except in a prototype in the Decade of the 90, that yes could reach production within a few years.

Once again has been the British media coach who has blown up a rumor. According to them, to end of this decade can see a brand new BMW series 8. What is clear is that from becoming reality, the series 8 will be a large coupé. You know that BMW book numbers pairs for models with body coupé. In this case, will be with a cockpit for four people and a great habitability inside, using for its development the platform of the current series 7 and four doors instead of the two doors that see in them images of this old render.

BMW Serie 8 render

Our coach partners have reported that it will also come a variant convertible, which will share engines with the large Coupe, and subsequently a sporty BMW M8. Comment in its publication that the 8 series of “high-flying” will use a propeller 4-litre V8 biturbo about 600 HP; adding also that it will be available both in a traditional configuration of rear propulsion as a variant of four-wheel xDrive.

The objective is to get a body wide and bulky with a minimum weight. Therefore, they will use very lightweight aluminum, carbon fiber and magnesium materials, trying thus beating rivals closer like the Coupe from Mercedes-AMG S65 or Bentley Continental GT in the ratio.

Of this mode, BMW intends to launch a series 8 with a towering performance, maintaining the maximum comfort and elegance. Therefore, we hope that when in action (if one day is) capable of stopping the Chrono in little more than 3 seconds when performing an acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h, at least in the variant xDrive.

Source – coach

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