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It’s official, Borgward will have their factory in Germany

Borgward BX5 BX6

The rebirth of a car firm that once was a referent is an event that happens every day. Borgward had been sleeping in the limbo of the car brands, and after the coming economic injection from china now has returned from the deadfor many years. Business plan they have is based on the marketing of three SUV´s (BX5 BX6 and BX7) that for now only available in China.

However, one of the main points within this business plan makes reference to its trade to more international markets expansion. Europe is your next stop can not neglect the country where he was born. In addition, its models feature a finish and high levels of termination which does nothing to indicate that they are manufactured in china.

Borgward BXi7

For now, The Borgward BX7 is that greater number of sales is accumulating in China. In the eight months leading to the sale have already sold 30 thousand units. It is not a very high figure for this market, but it is a good start for this second business career. Sales should improve when reach the range of hybrid models and electric are planned.

The last model that we have known of Borgward was the BXi7. This SUV is powered by a hybrid electric powertrain with LG Chem batteries. This model has been presented at the last motor of Shanghai and after his coming-out in the Chinese appointment we’ve known where it will be manufactured. Apparently, the German company had already communicated its intentions to manufacture in Germany.

Well, this information is already official since Borgward managers reported that Bremen will be the city to welcome the production of these models. The factory should come into operation throughout the year 2018 and the first models that leave should do for the beginning of the year 2019. This will help lighten the operations of Borgward in Europe because they will start before the end of 2017.

Once European plans to take her course following markets that want to expand Borgward operations will be Latin America, Russia and other markets in Asia. United States for now is not in their plans in the short term would change them? Time will tell it.

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