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Jaguar could lead to the Auto Show in Los Angeles an electric SUV

Jaguar SUV eléctrico

The Jaguar F-Pace was the first foray into the competitive segment of SUVS of the feline House. The most passionate brand cast will head when Jaguar introduced the first prototype of this model. However the firm of Whitley (Coventry, United Kingdom) has known give you the air necessary to its all road so is a reference by design, technology and behavior dynamic.

So good results trade them is reporting to the signs that in the dome directive of the Group Tata would be thinking in give you a brother to the F-Pace. Of this way Jaguar could continue increasing its sales to level world taking advantage of is of the good pull commercial that is living the segment of the SUV. However, for this new Member of the family it signature English would have thought in give you a return of nut more to the concept SUV.

Jaguar SUV eléctrico

If Kia has launched to the market the Niro and Toyota has done the same with the RAV-4 why the British brand not can launch an all-electric SUV?. Well, this would be the big news that Jaguar prepared for the impending Auto Show in Los Angeles that will open its doors to the public on November 18.

According to Jaguar tomorrow morning will be released this fully electric model and by the two images has left us before its official launch in Los Angeles little can venture. It only that know is that the first model electric of the signature will be a SUV and that by it little that is can see your design will keep some relationship with their brothers of range.

If we have that do lotteries ‘ll bet that will be a model with a size less that the current F-Pace. Your design will be very personal and fluid and its batteries will allow you an autonomy close to 300 kilometers between recharging. Looking at him, it would be a tough opponent for the Tesla Model X.

To see what us show tomorrow.

Source – Jaguar

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