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Jeep could be planning a SRT version for the new Compass

Jeep Compass

Jeep is the signature of the Group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is getting better business results. Leaders of the group are aware of this and therefore are enhancing the qualities of its range. Among the models that constitute it soon will be the new generation of the Compass and to make it more attractive in the eyes of customers, at the signing of the seven bars they would be thinking about giving a vitamin version.

We all know the manufacturer SRT models American. They are distinguished from their brethren by their big engines, high performance (high consumption also) and it is endowed with aesthetic elements that differentiate you from the rest of brothers of range. These models (according to the signature) they have a reception in the market much more good for what we could expect and therefore its existence is more than justified.

The creators of the latest generation of the Jeep Compass would be assessing whether the market would be receptive to having a SUV SRT version. If demand was strong enough heads of the FCA group could give the green light to the project and therefore, soon could have a spicy this version, now, interesting compact SUV.

Jeep Compass

If true this information, there are rumors that Jim Lyijynen, Chief Engineer for the development of the Jeep Compass, talking about mechanics that could be used the SRT variant is situated. The first idea that the manufacturer handles is used the same block gasoline with 3.2 liter Pentastar V6 configuration that offers the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

However, this engine is not very adapted to the tastes of European consumers and with the SRT Compass, they would like to have a global model. Therefore, it would be not unreasonable that it could use a variant with four-cylinder and turbo powered (engine occurs to me 2 litre turbo that it has just released the Giulia and Stelvio) to significantly reduce consumption and emissions.

This information sounds like heavenly music so it’ll be if the FCA Group makes a statement. In addition, Spy photographers are on the lookout in case was discovered some tests vehicle tuning to the Jeep Compass SRT.

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