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KIA gets first in the United States in terms of initial quality

Who we would say 12 or 15 years ago that Kia would occupy first place in the survey from J.D. Power initial quality? A Korean brand which was trying to gain a foothold in the European market, by then booming, with its low price of acquisition as main attraction. A low price that came from the hand of a low quality. Much has since changed history.

Little by little, without making much noise and model after model, Kia has improved its products according to the tastes and needs of each market. In Europe they have managed, despite the fact that the cost of acquisition is not as advantageous as early 2000 or late last century, get a large number of customers, happening the same thing in the United States. And it is that no brand can compete in Europe with seven years of warranty, its main attraction. Hyundai, which is of the same House, can perhaps make competition with its five-year unlimited mileage.


However, not everything is selling cars like thread by an extensive warranty. That improvement to which we referred earlier products and their adaptation to different markets has brought about exterior designs and more elaborate interiors that can compete with other manufacturers. In addition, the quality perceived inside of new models from about four or five years recently has to do with the feeling of a quality not so gotten of makes seven, it would be practically an insult compared to their models from the beginning of the new century.

These efforts have been rewarded at the level of sales and positioning of the brand in various rankings of the world. Studies such as the initial quality newly presented by J.D. Power in the United States, where it sold 600,000 units annually, demonstrate its good to do. In fact, the Korean has been the first considered “non-premium” in getting this award in the past 27 years, said soon.

Sorento 14

Kia models that have stood out most are the Soul and the Sportage, which have been recognized as the best in its category. Del Rio, Sorento and the Forte, have been found among the top three in their respective segments.

The study of quality starts from J.D. Power examines the comments it receives from customers about any complaints that may have in the first 90 days since they received their vehicles; analyzing each of the brands that are sold there.

Source | J.D. Power and Kia

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