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KIA is already testing the AWD version of the Stinger on ice and snow

Kia Stinger

The Kia Stinger is prefigured as a very important model within the catalogue of the South Korean manufacturer. Easy, as such, do not have it on the market you want to enter but Kia are convinced that it is a product at the level of the best in the segment. Proof of this is that never ever a Kia had the design, interior qualities, technology and mechanical range that looks the sting of a WaSP (translated from the English of the Stinger).

One model (and almost mark) scoops is the version that will reach the market with AWD four-wheel-drive. The Stinger series is a rear-wheel drive, but those markets (and customers) who so wish are preparing a version with four wheel drive. With her will converge slightly more to the best models of the market and in the House know it have it’s put together so that their feelings are the best.

One of the places that usually go signatures for try these drive systems at four wheels are the areas with humid climates and cold. Square in which Kia is now testing its Stinger is Sweden and according to the video that has posted on his official YouTube channel model points very good manners.

Icy Lapland Lakes (just before reaching the Arctic circle) is where development of the Kia Stinger engineers testing certain sensitive parts of the model are gone. The points that are being put to the test are suspensions, brakes, traction and stability controls and of course, the system of all-wheel drive AWD that will take.

This AWD system works in the following way. Under normal traffic conditions, the Stinger sends the force from the engine to the rear axle. Without however, if it detected loss of traction, the system could send up to 50 percent of the torque to the previous axis. However, this system is smart (and also adjustable) voluntarily and continuously is transferring torque to both axis with values of between 20 and 40 percent.

The warranty offering Kia to make the Stinger in a model with a large dynamic behaviour comes from the hands of Albert Biermann. This engineer was in the BMW M division and in addition to test traction AWD also is working to provide the Stinger’s dynamic qualities worthy of a competitor to the BMW 3 series, will he succeed?

Source – Kia

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