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KIA starts the engine of the GT 2018 and prepares you for the end of 2017


During the last few weeks we have been receiving information about the new Kia GT, so we can already be sure that this powerful and attractive model of the South Korean brand will be ready within a few months to go into production and be part of their catalog. We have learned that a version of the test in various circuits, has been seen by what has collected some information, not yet official and allows us to go by speculation about the model.

To begin with, we know that the model presented as a concept car in 2011 and that during the time that separates the year and today, has continued working on it. Aesthetically, has changed its appearance, to bring closer it to what you can expect from a production car, not as spectacular as the prototype, but equally attractive. In part, has been lost a bit more active appearance with the change of the framework of the partial front windows, which have disappeared, giving a more current look and moving to a more retro-looking car.

A rival to the classics of rear-wheel drive

The luxury saloon will have much in common with the third generation of the Optima, so those who enjoy this model may be a good approximation to the model, but with qualities more high, close to the Genesis, brand that uses its rival Hyundai to more luxurious cars. In fact, this car is intended to deal on equal terms with similar trucks and rear-wheel drive BMW models and in principle, could rival the BMW 6-series Gran Coupe, although we believe that it will be priced closer to smaller models from the German manufacturer.

This model, with rear-wheel drive will be measured with other models that use this option The presence of rear-wheel drive is a rare thing, since it is being withdrawn from the market in favour of total traction or the more common front-wheel drive. Anyway, expected that the experience of driving this model make it interesting to get behind the wheel of the same and fans to this kind of transmission, which still exist, and many are interested in it.

As for the motor which will shuffle to find under the hood, the preferences are orientated to the 3.3 V6 engine liters of the Hyundai group, which produced 365 HP and also equipped with Genesis G80. There also is speculation with engine of 2.0 liters with turbocharger and even that could use a diesel engine in some markets, such as the Spanish. The transmission will be managed with an eight-speed automatic gear, although it is also hoped a manual gearbox.

All this is based on what has been seeing and speaking of brand executives, without having a clear information and confirmed expectations. Anyway, we’ll have more news soon, since if the car wants to be ready to be marketed throughout the year 2017, they may not take long to confirm its production. Another of the mysteries has to do with the name that will receive this model. We don’t know if it will be the GT Kia or Kia Stinger. Patience…

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