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Lamborghini does not enter in the Formula 1, at least of time

Lamborghini Aventador Miura Homage

With the arrival of Stefano Domenicali, former head of the team Ferrari F1 to Lamborghini those rumors about if the Italian company was preparing his assault this competition did not take long to arrive. Domenicali arrived at the raging bull brand to fill the post that Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini kept free until you decide to move to Audi Quattro GmbH. But nothing of that, according to have commented them own protagonists Lamborghini not have thought enter in the Formula 1. At least for the time being.

AutoWeek is who collects these reports. Stefano Domenicali has not reached Lamborghini to prepare the assault to Formula 1. That is not the priority at this time. Although, the Group Volkswagen flirted with the possibility of that Audi enter in the Formula 1, but all was in a second flat when is uncovered the scandal of the dieselgate. The output of Stephan Winkelmann forced to the company to find a good substitute for that charge, by what chose to Domenicali.

Lamborghini Aventador Miura Homage

As well are running, this does not mean that to short term Lamborghini between in the Formula 1. The own Stefano Domenicali said that “you cannot think a brand as Lamborghini without motor racing”, although it is not currently a priority for the brand. Currently the signature is is working in the next SUV of the brand, the Uru, that dara step to its production in some months. Mark prepares the arrival of this new model, expanding its production capacity to face demand.

On the other hand Lamborghini continues to offer special editions of his Winnower and his hurricane. Reasons for which currently refuses the idea that Lamborghini enter Formula 1. Everything will be a matter of time.

Source – Auto Week

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