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Lamborghini Urus also will be the first hybrid Lamborghini

Lamborghini Urus 2018

The future of most vehicles it seems that it is clearly oriented towards the electrification of their propulsion systems. All indications are that within a few years virtually all new cars shall have recourse to the electricity as a source of energy. However, the case of the Supercars is not entirely clear, although it is quite feasible to follow the line of more conventional passenger cars. Lamborghini Urus, the next model of the brand, also will have a hybrid version.

This model will highlight not only for being the first SUV of great production of the firm of Sant’Agata Bolognese. Apparently, Journal Reggiani, Lamborghini r & d Chief, declared to our Australian Car Advice fellow future SUV will be available with a plug-in hybrid mechanics and similar technologies will reach to the other models of the firm.

Lamborghini Urus 2018

We have already seen as marks of the competition, citing for example to Ferrari or Porsche, used the hybridization in some of their models for best performance and at the same time briefly reduce pollutant emissions so persecuted. Therefore you should not catch us by surprise these statements by a senior official of the Italian brand of del toro. In any case, Reggiani clarified that for the moment the Lamborghini Supercars not recourse to this method and that we will see a completely electric vehicle in its range nor short-term.

Either way, Lamborghini seems keen to continue to maintain its V12 engine, one of the few brands that can boast of this today. The SUV future probably “Guinea pig” for Lamborghini, you will experience both the introduction of hybrid systems and an engine from Audi with a system using electric 48 volt compressor supercharging, something which already uses the SQ7 Audi. By the way, this Lamborghini Urus will have much relationship with the variant more dynamic of the range Q7 of Audi.

Source – Car Advice

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