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Land Rover shielding the name defend against other brands

Land Rover Defender "The End" Edition

In all those sectors there are products iconic that mark the guideline to follow from the companies rival. The sector of the automobile not going to be less and between them products iconic that have there is a model of origin English that us has captivated. The Land Rover defend is a 4 × 4 only with a history to their backs enviable that by misfortune has had that dismiss is of us to the expected of that your firm can give you a heir as Dios sends.

However be the benchmark to follow between your equal also can makesr that more than one attempt to fall in the copy or counterfeiting. In this case (to difference of the litigation that have Land Rover open in China by a copy blatant of its Evoque) the blood not has arrived to the River because it company that has tried appropriate is of the name defend has understood that was doing something that not was well and revert its behavior.

El Land Rover Defender se despide tras 68 años

The manufacturer of vehicles to use playful Canadian Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) had baptized to one of their vehicles as Defender. Certain is that both vehicles not is can frame within the same segment of market, but according to the law of property intellectual and patents if a name passes to convert is in an icon is protected both for the sector in which was discovered as to the rest of sectors in which is can or wants to use.

With this measure which is aims to is preserve the good reputation of the manufacturer and the product before crude copies or possible scams. Therefore, according to a judgment judicial BRP will have that eliminate the name defend of all them vehicles that it incorporate and also will have that pay a small fine in concept by damage morales to the brand.

This sentence provides security for Land Rover and other brands that see how their models are plagiarized in other markets by others manufacturers. However, that in this case see their rights covered not implies that other courts and countries pass autumn of the theme and is ownership of designs and names that not are yours (China ahem ahem).

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Land Rover Defender

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