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LatinNCAP gives five stars to the Volkswagen Golf and Seat Ateca


To evaluate the safety of cars sold is something very important. We have already spoken many times about money that they spend the marks so that their models are the safest of the segment. However, voucher with which brands advertise them as the safest of its segment or market, no to contrast with objective measures and for this purpose they are Euro NCAP, LatinNCAP or the IIHS.

LatinNCAP, as we all know is the body responsible for assessing the safety of the vehicles that are sold in Latin America. In them, almost three months that year still had not made any safety test, but has already made the first and already have the results. The models that have been tested have been two major known for the European and Spanish market. On the one hand is The Volkswagen Golf and on the other the patriotic SUV, Seat Ateca.

The first car to pass the renewed safety test (LatinNCAP has hardened ratings) has been the Volkswagen Golf. This model is not the same as being manufactured for Europe or the United States. Its manufacturing takes place in Brazil, but always depending on the brand, while maintaining the same quality standards.

According to the results obtained by LatinNCAP, the Brazilian Volkswagen Golf achieves the same qualifications that which is manufactured in Mexico for the American market. As usual tested the basic version of the model, but having seven airbags, ultimate stability control and security systems that equipped with Golf series, you have been sufficient to achieve five-star. With all this, the German model, reached five stars in adult occupant and five others for child passenger protection.

The second evaluated model has been the SUV, the Spanish C-segment, Seat Ateca. Like its cousin, the Volkswagen Golf he has managed to get the maximum score of five stars both for adults and for children. In this case, the standard of the Ateca equipment is more complete than the Golf , and this has been more than enough to get that score. The main built-in elements include seven airbags, traction and stability controls.

According to makers of LatinNCAP, the Ateca is a very safe car, but cannot be compared is your safety with the siblings of range. The reason is that the SUV has been subjected to tests with hardened criteria and the other models (Ibiza, Leon and Toledo) have been subjected to more voluntary testing.

Source – LatinNCAP

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