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Lexus wants to improve its market position in Latin America

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Signature premium of Toyota, Lexus, is increasing its range of models to improve its penetration in the markets in which it operates. If talk of Japan, United States and Mexico its sales are very good but still there are markets in which has that grow to be a brand global. In Europe their numbers are improving year after year and in Latin America are working to be able to stand up to Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz with guarantees of success.

Currently the presence of Lexus in Latin America and the South is it confined to the main cities of Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Costa Rica. However this presence is not uniform in all cities having a dealers and others only agencies for maintenance and repair. Therefore to improve its positioning and that its sales increase they are thinking of transform and mix all their points of sale as well as increasing its number.

Lexus IS 2016 restyling

If we take into account sales that the brand has had in the region than market share currently has the manufacturer stands at 2.9 percent; While, and though it may seem very low last year it stood at 1.9 per cent. All this has been achieved because their sales have been located in 2,100 units in all the latino market. Compared with that obtained Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are very few but also must remember that the positioning of Lexus in these markets still is above which have their rival (in exclusivity).

The strategy that will perform the signature Toyota premium will be based in three pillars. The first and more obvious will be the opening of new dealers in cities in which not were present. The second pillar will be the entry of the brand in the market Argentine. And to finish the third pillar of its strategy is focused in the launch of new models that currently not have in its portfolio. With both initiatives hope that their presence improve and their sales grow to a pace more high.


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