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London released a new plug-in hybrid taxi fleet to reduce pollution


The pollution in cities is becoming an extremely serious problem and many European cities are looking for ways to reduce the amount of nitrous oxide and solid particles that emerge from the exhausts of diesel engines. Taxis, a continuous presence in the city, are partly responsible for this contamination, since they circulate tirelessly through the streets. The conversion to hybrid vehicles or electric is one of the collecting companies of taxi in many cities, such as in London.

The taxi company London Taxi Company, which uses the very well-known and traditional black car that are circulating through the streets of London, are going to make a considerable investment in this area, seeking to reduce emissions from their cars and reducing costs at the time of filling. The LTC belongs to the Chinese company Geely and that is where has begun a project to manufacture in series the new generation of the TX5, the black cab powered by a hybrid system.

Hybrid taxis to combat urban pollution

This model, which combines a gasoline engine and one electric propulsion arose in society during the month of October 2015 and will begin production in a plant located in the British town of Coventry. In this plant is working on the development of the prototype that will foot the model of urban transport.


Mass-production is expected to get from the third quarter of 2017, just in time to get to the streets of London where it is mandatory that the taxis of the city is required to have the ability to operate with zero emissions by law. Expectations for Geely is not manufacture only the units that need for cars that have circulated through the English capital, but that they are in talks with other cities around the world to sell these cars to other fleets of taxis.

Apparently, Geely wants to be a point of reference when it comes to the sale of zero-emission cars to fleets of taxis. The investment of this new model will be $ 400 million, that have come from the sale of some “Green bonds“, which launched the company and which have proved to be a success. Shortly, we will see these new and iconic London taxis to move silently and avoiding contamination in that great city, and who knows if not in others, such as Barcelona and Madrid within a few years.

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