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Longbridge closed its doors to the manufacture of cars but still alive

Longbridge fabric

Demonstrations in Longbridge gates during 2005

For which you have forgotten or not to live at the time the Group MG Rover was one of the manufacturers of cars with more solera sector. This group settled in the United Kingdom had its design and production centre at Longbridge (Birmingham). However them becomings of the history and the bad management of them administrators of the signs provoked his disappearance in the year 2005.

After this unfortunate fact in July of that same year the Group Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC) bought the remains of the company (Rover was not acquired why Ford was reserved their rights, logo and image) and moved production to China. However, it decided to reactivate production at the Longbridge factory in 2007 to rob the European market with guarantees of success. So did several million-dollar investments and returned to hire about 350 workers.

Longbridge MG GS

MG GS is one of the two models currently being manufactured at Longbridge

But NAC is finding a series of difficulties so MG sales breaks off in Europe. The first difficulty is the bad image that had mark when Hill. In those moments was a firm with low reliability, outdated technology , outdated designs and a range old and poor mechanics . The second problem was a null distribution business network and setting up a new would require a great economic effort.

The third difficulty is focused on the new range of product that the manufacturer has. In this case your landing is has performed with the MG 6, a model with an attractive design, a quality of realization more than decent and sufficient technology to meet the needs of existing customers. However the major hurdle is in its limited mechanical range. The MG 6 reached the market only with mechanical fuel and when it had a diesel has had to cease its sales because they are not adapted to the normative anti pollution.

This situation had also been other models that are manufactured at Longbridge. Urban MG 3 -all Compact Road MG GS have the same problems as the now defunct 6. Since the direction of the brand have decided to close again the productive lines and bring the models directly from the factory in China.

The explanation provided by NAC-MG has been the low profitability obtained from the Longbridge factory, something logical due to the low Sales of its models and the depreciation of the pound. However the good news (if it can be so) is that only 25 of 350 employees having the plant they will lose their job. The rest of the staff is devoted to administrative tasks of marketing and logistics.

Hopefully that Longbridge again shine as once did it and MG return to the place that suits you by heritage and spirit.

Source – NAC-MG

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