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Looking for the effect soil until in standing, so is the new concept Ariel Atom Aero-P

Ariel Atom Aero-P Concept

It aerodynamics plays a role very important in them vehicles, not only for penetrate best the air and so save fuel achieving also a best benefits in line straight, but for, also, do that a car is more stable in the step by curve and avoid that is DT of the soil to high speeds in a change of flush, for example. The cars, especially in competition, are designed to get a great balance between support aerodynamic and the lower resistance to the air possible.

In the Decade of the 70’s in the Formula 1 began to talk about the effect flooring. Consisted in perform some designs in which them low of the car were completely flat and that the part rear of the car was slightly more high that it front. This means that, to go as close to the asphalt and at such high speeds, air that is channeled by the low when it comes to the back of the car generates a suction, suction which gives extra grip to the vehicle. Just backward than the wings of a plane.

Ariel Atom Aero-P Concept

This method it employment by first time in Formula 1 the Team Lotus. Brabham BT48b sought a similar solution to be as fast as the Lotus in step curve, but much more striking and in sight. Installed a powerful fan in the part rear of the car, in the diffuser. With this is getting that the air flowed to a greater speed below the vehicle, which generated even more grip and a greater effect soil. Little them lasted the invention, since some racing then was forbidden by the FIA. Now, the prototype Ariel Atom Aero-P uses a design similar clearly inspired in the Brabham.

This concept has with two powerful fans electrical in their low that is activated when is necessary a high thrust aerodynamic (known as Down-Force), i.e., in curves and on braking. Instead of resorting to spoilers and forms that penalize it always minimalist image of them models of Ariel, the car generates the effect soil of this way. The oddest thing is that the designers are working on search that suction even in standing, to allow some accelerations from faster 0, since thus partially avoiding the tendency to skid in the first meters in acceleration from standstill.

Would be very difficult to see something so marketing is in the market. In fact, neither Ariel intends to do so. Simply want to study it and develop it for, then apply it to other functions such as cooling of the motor or the batteries in electric vehicles.
Ariel Atom Aero-P Concept

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