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Lynk & Co, a new mark will come from East and Sweden

Geely Lynk&Co

When Geely Holding Group is made with Volvo nobody knew who was. Just had a thought in our minds and was not disappear Swedish brand, as did his compatriot Saab when General Motors got rid of it badly. However far from feed that fear Geely immediately is made charge of the situation and has returned to place to Volvo in the place in which Ford Motor Company never was capable of locate it.

In few years has attained rejuvenate all the range of products of the manufacturer, has maintained the employment that the firm provided in Sweden and is has committed to will continue to being a brand eminently European. However a price had to pay by be your new matrix. It is based in share platforms, engines and many of the new advances in active and passive safety, being developed by Volvo.


However that both brands begin to share these components still not affect in demasía to Volvo since the House Swedish already is a brand seated in the market and to Geely still him is much by make. However the Chinese are very smart and to good secure their products will progress to steps rather than giant. But by now should focus us on the new brand that will launch Geely and Volvo, Lynk & Co.

As already have said Geely has an image non-existent in the mind of the consumer Western and the few adjectives that can receive not are very good to the treat is of a signature Chinese. However the image of Volvo is very strong and the customers the associated to a type of vehicle very concrete. In views to this typecasting, Geely and Volvo would have thought launch a new brand, called Lynk & Co, to launch a new type of vehicle or mobility.

The new brand to your website is already active and in it we can see several videos about the mobility of the future would look like. Your presentation will be in Berlin during the second half of October, although the exact day is yet to be confirmed. Alain Vissier, Vice President of sales and marketing of Volvo, it will be the master of ceremonies , and thanks to your explanations can get to know better this new project.

However us three ideas come to mind:

  1. Electric cars and mobility,
  2. Autonomous driving, and
  3. Maximum safety in vehicles.
You who think you?

Source – Lynk & Co

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