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Lynk & Co breaks moulds and will give a lifetime warranty to your cars

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The signing of cars of newly created Lynk & Co has not yet reached the market, and it is already revolutionizing the rules of game. Some time ago, the car brands gave in question of warranty 2 or 3 years. The unique signature that broke that rule was Lexus, because their cars were sold with 5 years. The market was evolving and now Lexus continues to offer 5 years, but not for all its models.

Most brands are betting on 2 or 3 years of warranty, except for Hyundai which gives 5 and Kia which gives 7. Super hereto, may seem very attractive, but it must be very well read the fine print, because they are not total guarantees, but as you pass the time and mileage in our cars, parts of this warranty are phased. However, now becomes Lynk & Co and says that their cars, when they reach the market, will be warranted for lifetime.

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Plans of the brand, when their cars are in the streets go through the following approach. Models will come with heavy equipment from the factory, but may not include options. The idea is to have a grill at fixed prices which will make easier purchase to customers, because they want to reduce the cost of selling the vehicle up to 25 percent.

Another attraction that Lynk & Co will present in their models is the connectivity. According to the brand will be very large and most importantly, free for life. This element is becoming more important when selling a car and as customers demand it more, they will satisfy this need well. These commercial actions become attached to the vehicle warranty of for life, thus depending on the brand, you want that your customers are always quiet.

Be certain the commercial strategy of Lynk & Co and like their cars to the public, other brands should review their approaches. When a brand becomes a market that is saturated it must be one is disruptive and Geely has very clear the road that has taken its brand new. Will they achieve success in this way? We do not know, but surely that will do harm to some established brands.

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